Eurodon CEO Vaneev expands on turkey centre plans

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Eurodon CEO Vaneev expands on turkey centre plans

Russian company Eurodon plans to construct turkey genetic and breeding centre in Russia. The company’s general director, Vadim Vaneev, recently met with Russian prime minister Dmitry Medvedev in the Rostov-on-Don to discuss the creation of the centre, which it is proposing to build in the Ust`-Donetsky district of Rostov Region.

The centre, which was already approved by the Supervisory Board of Vnesheconombank in April, will produce ‘heavy’ crosses of turkey and will be developed in collaboration with world leader in poultry genetics, Aviagen.

Vadim Vaneev told the Prime Minister that he is currently working not only with the Russian experts, but with professionals around the world. According to him, he already has preliminary agreements on cooperation in breeding and genetic direction with several foreign companies. For example, the breed of turkey, which is used in the production of the brand “Indolina” (one of the main brand of Eurodon), established in England and Canada.

Vadim Vaneev said that the growth prospects of the market for turkey meat in Russia are enormous, because consumption still stands at very low level. According to him: in Israel  consumed 14 kg of turkey meat per person per year, in Europe this figure was 6.5 kg, while in Russia it is still about 800 grams per person per year. In 2012, Eurodon initiated the creation of agricultural cluster with the capacity of 60,000 tonnes of production per year.

Eurodon will also promote international cooperation – the company expects to be recognised by the US’s National Turkey Federation, which will allow the Russian manufacturer to incorporate foreign expertise into its business.

“The US turkey market is a storehouse of experience and professionalism. They produced 2.5 million tonnes of turkey a year. But they have no place to grow – the US market will grow this year […] only about 30,000 tonnes. In Russia we have a different situation, different scale,”commented Vadim Vaneev.

Source: Vladislav Vorotnikov

Vladislav Vorotnikov Eastern European correspondent