Eurodon increases turkey meat production in Russia

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Eurodon increases turkey meat production in Russia
Eurodon increases turkey meat production in Russia

Russian meat producer, Eurodon, produced 42,000 tons of turkey meat in live weight in 2013 which is 16% more than in 2012, according to the company’s latest report.

Last year, an associated company Ursdon, produced 5.7 million eggs, which met the demand of the company in hatching eggs.

“We welcome the results of the last year. However, we are very concerned about the situation on the market. Most investors now want quick money, so in Russia it is currently announced about 50 turkey-breeding projects that obviously will not be provided with any competent personnel or hatching eggs for the production of turkey,” said Eurodon’s general director, Vadim Vaneev.

“All this leads to the fact that most of these projects will be closed. The Russian turkey industry in turn will not benefit from it, but only lose, because it will create a negative image of the industry,” Vaneev added.

Eurodon also continues to develop its own network of branded stores, Meat degree. At the end of the last year it opened the sixth supermarket in the Millerovo area of Rostov Region.

The company has implemented a number of large investment projects in poultry industry in the territory of Rostov region of Russia, with the main activity being the growing and processing of turkey meat and Peking duck on an industrial scale. Eurodon currently is the leading Russian producer of turkey, occupying 35% of the market.

Vladislav Vorotnikov Eastern European correspondent