Eurodon plans cutting-edge turkey production facility

23-08-2012 | | |
Eurodon plans cutting-edge turkey production facility

Eurodon, the Russian poultry producer, has revealed plans for a new turkey production facility, to be built in the Rostov region neat the city of Shokhty.

The facility is expected to be approximately 50,000 m2, and when completed, Eurodon expects to increase its production by 180,000 tonnes.

The CEO of Eurodon, Vadim Veneev, wants this facility to be the most efficient and advanced in Europe. He and a number of Eurodon managers went around the world on a tour past newly constructed plants, including several in the US. They looked at all the latest technology, took ideas from the plant tours and talked to several international design firms to create this new state of the art facility.

Veneev wants to emphasize sustainable construction and employee wellbeing in the design of the facility. Eurodon hired the Moscow based design firm GorProekt and the US based M+A Global to design and manage the construction process.

M+A Global and their affiliate company M+A Architects have vast experience in sustainable design and large scale industrial projects. The facility is currently being designed and construction is expected to start in the spring of 2013.

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