European Commission warns animal feed industry may need new rules

13-01-2011 | | |

This statement from the European Commission has come following the dioxin scare that has made media headlines in recent days and which caused South Korea and China to put a ban on pork and chicken products coming from Germany. 

According to reports, European Union executive officials stated that they held a “disappointing” meeting with industry representatives because “no concrete proposals were presented” to prevent feed contamination in the future.
Contaminated fats
The Commission announced that they want a system which strictly divides fats for industrial use and those used in food production. In the scandal, dioxin is believed to have stemmed from feed contaminated with industrial fats. Authorities believe these fats were substituted for vegetable fats at some point in the tainted feed’s manufacturing process.
A member of the European Parliament with Britain’s conservatives, Richard Ashworth said, “This latest scare makes the case for effective labelling and traceability systems all the more urgent.”

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