Exhaust fan resolves capacity gap challenge

24-01-2013 | | |
Exhaust fan resolves capacity gap challenge

Optimising the transition from minimum to the first stage of ventilation has always been a challenge due to the large capacity step between the newer generation “Large Capacity” exhaust fans and the next lower capacity fans, traditionally used for the minimum ventilation stage.

Pericoli have closed this gap with their new EOS/EWS42” range, which replaces the traditional 36” models, which have not changed in many years.  The new EOS/EWS42 has been designed and engineered to create a seamless and efficient transition from the minimum to the next stage of your ventilation program, through two motor/performance options.  With minor yet innovative design and engineering changes a new class of minimum ventilation fan has been launched.

The small increase in the wall housing dimensions (+/- 5%), has resulted in an increase in capacity of 23% and an increase in efficiency of 17%.  The new EOS/EWS42” fan range incorporates and includes new aerodynamic shutters, plastic shutter socket to eliminate air and light – in particular when shut and new safety net access system.

One of the upsides to this new fan with the increased capacity and its increase in cfm/W is that fewer fans per installation, are required, resulting in lower capital as well as lower running costs.