Exports worth millions lost in UK

20-04-2007 | | |

UK poultry breeders are loosing millions of pounds worth of export profits due to cleansing legislations regarding the bird flu outbreak.

The length of time being taken to cleanse the sheds after the avian influenza outbreak in February at the Bernard Matthews farm is frustrating farmers, who are losing millions in export revenues.
Legislation states that after a bird flu outbreak, litter from poultry sheds must be stacked up and composted for 42 days, followed by two thorough cleansing and ‘de-greasing’ sessions of the sheds seven days apart. Procedure states that the houses should then be locked up and left empty for 21 days.
The UK will only regain its avian influenza free status three months after the 21-day lock-up period. Meanwhile, several countries outside of the EU will not accept poultry or poultry products from the UK, which, according to National farmers Union (NFU) chairman Charles Bourn, has cost the industry nearly £25 million (€37 million) in lost exports of parent, grand-parent and great-grand-parent stock.
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