Fakeeh backs food security strategy

30-08-2010 | | |
Fakeeh backs food security strategy

In support of the food security strategy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Fakeeh Poultry Farms has decided to increase its daily production to one million chickens and three million eggs, beginning this Ramadan.

Mahmoud Abdul Rahman Faqeeh, general manager for marketing at Fakeeh Poultry Farms, said the move was taken within the framework of the company’s five-year plan for which SR3 billion has been allocated. He said the company decided to increase production in order to meet a growing demand for chicken and eggs during Ramadan. Speaking at an iftar function organized by the company, Mahmoud said Fakeeh Poultry Farms, which is 60 years old, occupies a huge share of the market. It has more than 300 poultry farms in the Kingdom. “There is big demand for Fakeeh poultry as a result of its good quality,” said the marketing chief. “We have decided to increase production to fulfill national duty and meet consumer demand,” he added.

He emphasized the need for a strong and effective marketing wing for the success of any industry. “We have been very successful in this respect,” he said, adding that it had increased the consumption of poultry in the Kingdom.
Mahmoud said the company’s five-year plan would witness the establishment of a series of new poultry farms, slaughterhouses, cutting plants and fodder factories across the country.
“We’ll also purchase about 1,000 small and big cold-storage trucks and other vehicles for transporting poultry,” he said. Mahmoud said the new five-year plan would create 6,000 jobs for Saudis. Fakeeh currently employs about 40,000 people.

Ad Bal Freelance journalist