Fancom improves egg counting software for alternative housing systems

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Fancom improves egg counting software for alternative housing systems

Fancom has released it’s new 746 egg counting computer specially for alternative housing systems.

The 746 is a tried and tested system for egg counting and egg flow control for many years. A completely new software version makes the 746 even more suitable to apply in situations with alternative housing systems.

According to Fancom, the 746 egg counting system doesn’t just provide a reliable count of egg production, it also regulates the speed of the egg belts so that the supply on the collection belt is automatically and precisely geared to the packing capacity at all times. The 746 prevents any gaps in the flow of eggs caused by empty nesting boxes and ensures an even spread of the eggs on the egg belt. This gives huge time savings, reduces the risk of cracked eggs and gives less wear and tear.

The special counters use infrared technology to count the eggs without touching them. The 746 egg counting computer registers production per day, per group and per counter, in numbers and laying percentages. The computer displays this data for today, and for the past 7 days. The most important production data is displayed in weekly overviews and saved for 70 weeks.

The FarmManager™ management program generates a clear presentation of egg production data in graphs and tables. Any differences quickly become visible. Plus, the 746 egg counting computer can be remote operated and controlled. The management program can be extended using the special FarmManager for Layers™ analysis software that compares the key performance indicators with the standards or with previous production cycles. This data is displayed in a clear dashboard.

Source: Fancom

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