Featured in next issue of World Poultry Magazine

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Featured in next issue of World Poultry Magazine

Aimed at the international poultry industry, World Poultry magazine translates scientific knowledge and practical experience in a way which can be used by all poultry professionals worldwide.

Highlights from this months issue..
• Managing “out of season” broiler breeder hatches
Breeder flocks placed in the narrow “out of season” period, or in areas of the world at high latitudes, frequently encounter the problem of poor laying performance. What to do?
• The economic importance of ventilation management
Poor ventilation management will affect broiler growth and economic output. Aviagen’s technical team focuses on the importance of variation in the in-house environment on broiler performance.
• Developing opportunities for Southern Africa
The SADC region in Southern Africa provides a great growth opportunity for the poultry industry. Rising demand combined with additional room for further development of the sector offer interesting business opportunities for regional and international investors.
• Copper and zinc – the next pollution frontier
The NRC nutrient requirement values for trace minerals are often criticised for being unrealistically low for modern strains of birds. However, the apparent oversupply of trace minerals is now being questioned relative to nutrient loading of manure. …the lower trace mineral inclusion levels are feasible.
• IPE/IFE attendance exceeds previous year
The 2008 International Poultry Expo / International Feed Expo drew over 20,000 people from more than 100 countries to see the latest products, services and technology offered by 894 exhibitors. Here is a review of the show.
This plus much more in the up-coming issue of World Poultry.