Feed prices affecting Nepalese poultry industry

22-10-2012 | | |
Feed prices affecting Nepalese poultry industry
Feed prices affecting Nepalese poultry industry

Poultry prices in Nepal are predicted to rise by up to 20% in the coming six months as the sector struggles with the substantial rise in the cost of poultry inputs.

The latest data released by poultry producers in the country show that number of commercial broilers has declined to 74.87 million. A year ago, this was 76.06 million heads. Similarly, production of broiler chicks has also dropped to 78.87 million heads compared to 80.91 million heads recorded a year earlier.

“We predict the price of chicken to be increase by around 20% in next six to seven months given the fall in the number of commercial broilers in the farms and continued rise in the price of poultry related products such as feeds and nutrients, among others, over this year,” Dr Til Chandra Bhattarai, poultry researcher and entrepreneur told local media outlet, Republica.

Feed prices have increased steadily over the year and as feed cost alone contribute about 80% in egg and 64% in broiler productions, fluctuation in its prices will impact the price of poultry products, Bhattarai added.

Sporadic bird flu outbreaks have also taken their toll on the shaken industry. Bhattarai said that many farmers are still reluctant to increase the stocks of commercial broilers in their farms due to disease risks. Such fear is also believed to contributed to bringing down the population of chicken in major source districts, thereby affecting supplies and causing prices to rally.

Source: Republica