Fieldale Farms: Drought could hamper chicken supply

08-08-2012 | | |
Fieldale Farms: Drought could hamper chicken supply

Georgia, USA, poultry officials say the ongoing drought that is devastating crops in the Midwest might lead to a shortage of chickens for consumers.

Emory Forrester, director of feed milling and feed delivery for Baldwin-based Fieldale Farms, says that if the drought continues, consumers could see that demand could outpace the supply of chickens.
Forrester told The Times of Gainesville that 98% of his operation’s corn comes from the Midwest, which has been devastated by the drought.
Fieldale uses about 11,000 tons, or about 392,000 bushels, of corn per week, “and we’re paying a high price for corn delivered in Baldwin, and this drought is only going to run it up to where it’s going to be more expensive,” he added.
The impact on consumers might come in the form of less chicken in stores rather than higher prices.
“If you go up on your price and the consumer walks away from it, then it backs up in the pipeline,” Forrester said. “It’s just a situation where supply and demand have got to get in line. And demand, if this drought keeps up, is going to be more than the supply.”