FIPPPA showcases Latin American animal protein industry

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FIPPPA Brazil showcases Latin American animal protein industry
FIPPPA Brazil showcases Latin American animal protein industry

The first edition of the 3 day event FIPPPA in Curitiba Brazil, a partnership between existing fairs Avesui and Tecno food Brazil, highlighted the importance of animal protein production in Latin America. World Poultry went to Brazil to join the experience.

Some 20.000 visitor from all over the world visited the exhibition and took part in the scientific programme.

The quest for knowledge was highlighted on the first day of the 3 day International Fair of Animal Production and Protein Processing (FIPPPA). Specific audiences and stakeholders took part in various seminars, ranging from ways to ensure better productivity on farm, the environmental gains achieved through rendering, to the seminar on ‘Public Policies for the Development of Animal Protein Chains’, which featured presentations by John Fagundes Solomon, general coordinator of the Livestock Agricultural Policy Secretariat of the Ministry of Agriculture; Francisco Turra, president of the Association of Animal Protein (ABPA); Marcelo Lopes, president of the Brazilian Association of Pig Breeders (ABCS); Ariovaldo Zani, executive vice president of Sindirações; and Fernando Pereira, president of Agroceres.



Brazil’s future in poultry production is bright

Francisco Turra of ABPA explained: “The seminar is not just about mass production. There is a clear future on the horizon for the production of animal protein in Brazil. At this moment we export huge amounts of poultry, some 4.1 million tonnes a year, but mainly whole chicken. Adding value through further processing before export is one of the developments which will be a hot topics in the years to come.” Turra sees a lot of challenges too, from high energy prices all the way to complicated logistics. That said: “Brazil is a natural source of food, potential is huge.”



Making poultry production more profitable

Humberto Luis Marques, the show floor manager and editor of the Brazilian magazine Avicultura industrial, added: “The main goal of our fair is to present to everyone involved in the industry the latest technology to be able to make their operation more profitable. It is a one stop shopping address for integrators as well as independent operations. The seminars are more of a strategic nature, making FIPPPA a qualified business event.”




FIPPPA 2015 is the result of the partnership of Gessulli Agribusiness and G5 Promotrade, organisers, respectively, of AveSui Latin America and Tecno Food Brazil, the two largest Latin American trade shows focusing on production and meat processing. In an innovative concept, FIPPPA is a complete and horizontal event that brings together all animal protein chain links, from production to processing, from farm to fork. The fair will be held every two years, with a wide focus from poultry to pork and milk production.

Fabian Brockotter Editor in Chief, Poultry World