First HatchBrood training course at HatchTech headquarters

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First HatchBrood training course at HatchTech headquarters

Last April, the HatchBrood system of the HatchTech group was launched. Since then, this innovative brooding system has attracted much interest and a number of customers decided to invest in it. The first training course for these customers was held recently at the HatchTech headquarters in The Netherlands.

The first HatchBrood facilities are now installed, and the first group of customers has completed the HatchBrood training. Attendees represented many different areas of the world:  Brazil, Poland, Thailand, Peru, Germany and the Netherlands.
Tjitze Meter, CEO of HatchTech, officially opened the first HatchBrood training. “This is an important and memorable group of customers since they represent the first companies that are going to use HatchBrood.” , he said. In addition to the positive results in field performance and decreased energy usage, Mr. Meter emphasized the important impact that HatchBrood will have on reducing the use of antibiotics in the poultry industry.
During the training course, the trainees learn the skills that they need to successfully manage their HatchBrood facility. The programme covers both technical as well as physiological topics with the emphasis on brooding principles, practical working instructions, standard operating procedures, and quality control analysis. 
The attendees were satisfied with the training and the combination of “class room learning” and practical sessions. Mr Marcin Kowalczyk, hatchery manager at ZWD Sztuder says: “The practical working instructions are very useful. The quality analysis programme was developed to measure the results of the HatchBrood chickens in the field. We are really looking forward to working with HatchBrood and capitalizing on the benefits of the system.”
The HatchBrood training course will be held on a quarterly basis.   

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