Foodmate US names Tim Morgan as area sales manager

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Foodmate US names Tim Morgan as area sales manager

Foodmate US Inc., the North American distributor for Netherlands-based Foodmate, recently named Tim Morgan as an area sales manager.

Morgan serves Foodmate clients in Georgia (North of Atlanta), North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, Kentucky, West Virginia and Delaware. Foodmate US offers an extensive product line of poultry processing equipment including, cut-up, deboning, portioning and weighing systems. Foodmate’s food processing line includes cooling and freezing systems, frying systems, as well as cookers, hot air ovens, batter and breading machines.
With nearly 20 years in the poultry equipment industry experience, Morgan has a diverse background with 10 years in the packaging, three years in poultry processing, and six years in services and installation.

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