Frangos Canção invests in 83 million eggs/year hatchery

17-08-2010 | | |
Frangos Canção invests in 83 million eggs/year hatchery

Grupo Frangos Canção is one of the fastest growing broiler integrators and poultry meat exporters in Brazil. They expanded their hatchery capacity to 83 million eggs per year with Petersime incubators.

The company, based in Maringá, Paraná state, was established in 1992 and processes 210,000 broilers/day. Frangos Canção is one of the leading partners of Unifrango, an association of 19 Brazilian poultry producing companies, who’s combined output ranks nr 1 in day-old chicks and nr 3 in slaughtering.
The new single-stage hatchery of Frangos Canção will expand yearly production capacity to 70 million day-old chicks. The hatchery will be equipped with the latest Petersime BioStreamer™ incubators fitted with Embryo-Response Incubation™ technology. The BioStreamer™ 24S setters hold 115,200 eggs. The BioStreamer™ 8H hatchers have a setting capacity of 38,400 hatching eggs each.
Mr Ciliomar Tortola : “With our Frangos Canção products we are competing worldwide and therefore we need to be efficient in all steps. There is no doubt that incubation technology will further evolve in the future and we believe that Petersime incubators are future proof. Our BioStreamer™ incubators are designed and built to easily integrate future innovations, so we will always remain in the lead in terms of technology.”

Ad Bal Freelance journalist