Ghana continues to reshape its poultry industry

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Ghana is on course with its interventions to salvage the local poultry industry, Dr. Alfred Sugri Tia, the Deputy Minister of Food and Agriculture in charge of Livestock, has stated.

Speaking on a local television programme, Tia indicated that government was in partnership with concerned bodies in the agricultural and specifically the poultry sector, implementing strategic measures to give the poultry industry a major boost in Ghana.

“Controlled importation of poultry products into the country, importation of large quantities of yellow maize as poultry feed as well as investment in new technologies in the sector and education of poultry farmers by the Ministry of Food and Agriculture, are some of the few measures put in place by the government to ensure a facelift of our poultry industry”, he said.

He went ahead to talk of the immense contribution of the private sector in making sure that government’s efforts were supplemented. The Minister commended the role of Agri-oriented banks for their aid to government as well as poultry farmers in ensuring that the poultry sector had access to adequate funding to put the right technologies and measures in place to increase production.

Accroding to Tia, since 2007 Ghana’s poultry industry had made steady progress and expressed the hope that the industry would in a few years be able to cater for the local demand of poultry products, which he noted are a major source of protein and also inalienable to Ghanaian cuisine.

Asked about the role of policy in this regard, he hinted that the Ghana Poultry Council, which was formed in 2007, was being reshaped to act as an advisory board to the Minister of Agriculture on matters concerning the poultry industry.

Source: SPY Ghana

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