Ghana rules out imported poultry ban

11-04-2012 | | |

Persistent concerns expressed by poultry farmers over the influx of imported poultry products has lead the Ghanaian government to categorically state that it has no immediate plans to ban the importation of poultry into Ghana.

The farmers have waged a campaign against importation of the products or at least the imposition of tariffs on them.

Deputy Agricultural Minister, Dr Sugri Tia has stated that, while a ban could always be a possibility; the country needs to first focus on boosting local production.

“It is possible to increase tariffs but we are considering that it is not an immediate option now.”

He said the “consumption of poultry has been very low and people’s purchasing power has not been the best and we are trying to push local production whiles encouraging people to consume more. So we want to keep their appetite for chicken there”.
The government fears that with a tariff domestic poultry prices would further increase, hampering the growth of sector.

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