Ghana to ban importation of poultry products

28-12-2011 | | |

Ghana is likely to stop the importation of poultry products by 2013. The Ghanian government has given indications that it will endeavor to protect Ghana from imported poultry products.

Dr. Alfred Sugri Tia, a Deputy Minister for Food and Agriculture said that local farmers will be supported  and provided with cheaper feeds to enable them to step up their production.

He further announced that he would seek to implement both tariffs and non-tariffs means to make Ghanaian products competitive domestically.

In a new governmental initiative, the National Youth Authority (NYA) of the Repulic of Ghana has entered into partnership with Tycriss Farms to train ten thousand (10,000) youth in Free Range Broiler Project.

The free range broiler production was recently adopted along with the traditional methods of keeping poultry, in a commerical effort to meet the deficit in Ghana’s meat requirement.

All the ingredients needed to sustain bothh traditional and free range broiler production are common in Ghanaian communities.

Chief Executive Officer for the NYA, Sedinam Tamakloe-Ationu noted that the NYA and Tycriss Farms are in a unique position to liaise with key agri-business partners.

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