Global demand for hatchery automation shows steady increase

13-04-2012 | | |
Global demand for hatchery automation shows steady increase

Despite the setback in the global economy during the last few years, hatchery automation specialist Viscon experienced a steady increase in the demand for hatchery automation systems.

“In the past 5 years we have installed and commissioned projects at more than 40 hatcheries worldwide, altogether designed to handle an output of over 50 million day old chicks every week”, explains Bas Smaal, sales director of Viscon.

“Each year we have seen an increase of at least 10% compared to the previous year. Major markets so far, have been Europe, Russia, the Middle-East and Australia. However, due to increasing demand, also Asia and Latin America are on the increase.” 

The aim of hatchery automation is to improve production processes and lowering production costs, according to Viscon. Within the next two years, the company expects to launch several innovations, which will further improve the efficiency and hygiene in modern hatcheries.

Source: Viscon