Granja Planalto presents the Hubbard Flex

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Granja Planalto an event that gathers the main business people of the breeders sector in Brazil, this year featured the special participation of Frédéric Grimaud, President of Groupe Grimaud, and 3 of the main directors of Hubbard.

The objective of this event was to present Hubbard and its products, which from now on is part of Planalto’s portfolio. The sales and distribution of the Hubbard breeding stock by Planalto is part of the agreement signed in August of this year between Planalto and Hubbard do Brasil.

The main focus of the Business Meeting was the Technical Seminar. In his welcome speech Mauro de Freitas Pereira, Vice-President of Planalto, emphasised the relevance of the event and the integration between the participants. He also highlighted the importance of the partnership between both companies, bringing a highly competitive product to the Brazilian market.

The presentations started with Valter Bampi’s lecture about the importance of water in the production period. Frédéric Grimaud presented the core activities, bio-pharmacy and animal genetics, of Groupe Grimaud.

For Hubbard Stéphane Duthoit (Managing Director) and Olivier Behaghel (Business Director) highlighted Hubbard’s activities and products in Brasil and the rest of the world and Yves Jego (R&D Director) gave an insight into the focus and developments in the R&D department of Hubbard. To finish the seminar, Dilvo Grolli, President of Copavel, gave an overview of Brazil’s agribusiness and the globalization of the meat sector.

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