Great future forecast for Ukrainian chicken industry

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The growing importance of Ukraine as a chicken producing country was reflected in support for the Cobb Germany two-day seminar in Cherkasy on the banks of the River Dniper.

Cherkasy was chosen because the region is the leading producer of broiler meat in Ukraine, and provides the location for one of Europe’s largest broiler complexes Myronivski, belonging to Mironivskij Hleboprodukt.
Opening the event James Truscott, Cobb Germany director, said that in 10 years the Cobb 500 had become a very strong brand in Ukraine. “The breed has made great progress and in the future we at Cobb will continue striving to make our customers even more successful and efficient.”
“In reality you are attracting attention to Đ¡obb by your success with the breed,” said Vasyl Babych, Cobb Germany market manager.
Scientific but easy-to-understand presentations were made by Winfridus Bakker (Cobb-Vantress), Ron Meijerhof (Cobb Germany), Matthew Wilson (Cobb Europe), Matthias Todte (Cobb Germany and MMT Vet’s).
“We are grateful to Cobb Germany. It not only supplies good service, but the product we need, the Cobb 500,” commented Maxim Pisarev,  Mironivskij Hleboprodukt director of production.
Many young people were among the delegates.  “Their keen interest shows why Ukraine is becoming a leader in supplying quality chicken meat,” added Mr Truscott. “The country has a great future ahead, with skilled specialists running the large production facilities.” 
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Ad Bal Freelance journalist