Greece goes to court for animal welfare non-compliance

23-03-2007 | | |
Greece goes to court for animal welfare non-compliance

The European Commission had initially warned Greece in 1998 that they would be brought to court for persistent shortcomings in animal welfare, but then withdrew its threat of court action after Greece promised to improve.

The Greek authorities had been warned they could face legal action in July 2006 following a series of Food and Veterinary Office (FVO) inspections between 2003 and 2006.
The EC has now announced that it is taking Greece to European Court of Justice for failing to enforce EU animal welfare rules over a number of years, in particular for problems in transport and at slaughter.
FVO inspectors, who reported findings to the Commission, found that Greece failed to identify and control vehicles which transport animals as required by EU law, and it did not provide adequate facilities for animals at Greek ferry ports, and also criticised inadequate Greek controls on animal stunning methods. The failings have been identified despite the presentation of an animal welfare action plan by Greece in May 2005.
“There has been little or no progress in improving animal welfare in Greece and the overall system of implementation and enforcement of EU animal welfare legislation remains unsatisfactory,” the Commission said in a statement.

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