Green MEP wants EU ban on battery cages

28-08-2007 | | |

London’s Green Party MEP, Jean Lambert, has called for the planned EU-wide ban on battery cages to be maintained.

There are plans in place for the Laying Hens Directive to come into full effect from 2012. Animal protection campaigners, however, are concerned that the Directive is under significant threat.
“I fully support Compassion in World Farming’s campaign and hope others will add their voices too. The EU Laying Hens Directive bans barren cages for egg-laying hens from 2012, and is a vital piece of EU animal welfare legislation… I am concerned that these rules may get postponed, and have written to the Commission (EU) seeking an assurance that there will be no delay in bringing in the ban by 2012,” says Jean Lambert.
Compassion in World Farming’s ‘Keep the Ban’ campaign has toured around the UK throughout the summer. They were recently in London. Lambert urged others to get involved to help protect the legislation: “Anyone concerned about animals should contact the UK government and urge it to press for assurances that the 2012 ban on battery cages is honoured.