Gustor liquid proves its efficacy in broiler drinking water

25-01-2011 | | |

The benefits of using Gustor Liquid in drinking water of broilers were evaluated in a recent experiment set up by a large integrator in Thailand.

Two houses were populated with birds coming from the same breeder farm and the same hatchery. The only difference was that in the “experimental” house, the broilers had access to water treated with Gustor Liquid while birds from the “control house” received standard water. Feeding programs were similar.

Gustor liquid was used at the dose of 2 kg/1,000 litres in the starter phase (0 – 21 days), except on days 9 (vaccination ND) and day 14 (vaccination IBD). The treatment was then adjusted to 1 kg/1,000 litres during the finisher phase (22 days until slaughter at 40 days). Final body weight was improved by more than 5% while FCR was reduced by more than 2.6%. Mortality was slightly reduced when using Gustor Liquid (2.42% vs. 2.43%) and the EPEF was improved by 24 points (320 vs. 296).

Interestingly, there were less cases of carcass condemnation for the birds receiving Gustor Liquid in their drinking water. Using the current prices for broiler (40 baht per kg) and an average feed price of 11 baht per kg, a saving of 3.90 baht (=US$ 0.125) per bird was achieved. This means a return on investment (ROI) of around 4 to 5 depending on the price of Gustor Liquid.