H5N1 outbreak in Xinjiang, China

04-07-2012 | | |
H5N1 outbreak in Xinjiang, China

The OIE has reported that HPAI has been flagged in the western province of Xinjiang, People’s Republic of China. The outbreak took place on a farm, and approximately 155,000 birds of the 156,440 susceptible cases have been destroyed.

Dr Zhang Zhongqui, director general of the China Animal Disease Control Centre, aligned with the Veterinary Bureau of the Ministry of Agriculture reported the outbreak to the World Organisation of Animal Health on 2 July 2012 a reoccurrence of HPAI.

The outbreak has not been resolved, and standard quarantine measures are being carried out. Some 116,327 Xinjiang birds have been vaccinated in response to the outbreak.

The Harbin Veterinary Research Institute, China’s national reference laboratory for avian influenza has isolated the virus, has identified the serotype as H5N1 through .

Source: OIE