Haiti maintains ban on poultry from Dominican Republic

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Haiti maintains ban on poultry from Dominican Republic
Haiti maintains ban on poultry from Dominican Republic

The ban on imports of Dominican poultry products in Haiti is being maintained, despite the lifting of the restrictions.

The lifting of the restrictions was announced in February, and should only be applied to Dominican producers that do not meet the requirements set by the health authorities.

The Minister of Animal Production in Haiti, Michel Chancy, said the measure is being maintained because the conditions imposed on the Dominican producers are “not yet met.”

The Haitian government in June 2013 banned the import of live birds, poultry meat and eggs from neighboring Dominican Republic to prevent the entry of avian influenza even though the country has not reported any outbreak of the disease for six years.

Also, Chancy said that smuggling of poultry products from the border with the Dominican Republic will be punished, especially at a time when the government is working to promote an increase in poultry production.

The government official said four million eggs are produced each month by a dozen Haitian businesses. He said the production of broilers has also increased in recent years.

Chancy’s statements were made hours before the start of a high-level meeting held in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. This was led by the Ministers of Industry and Commerce of the Dominican Republic, José del Castillo Saviñón, and Haiti, Wilson Laleau, and attended by businessmen from both countries.

The Haitian ambassador to the Dominican Republic, Fritz Cineas said both delegations are trying to reach agreement for imports of various products between the two countries, according to established protocols.

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