Halal experts gather at 1st European Halal Conference in Düsseldorf

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Halal experts gather at 1st European Halal Conference in Düsseldorf

The 1st European Halal Conference will be organized on September 14 in the Düsseldorf Exhibition Center in Germany. This will be at the occasion of the upcoming food shows InterMopro, InterCool and InterMeat that concurrently will take place from September 12-15. .

The Halal conference is organised by Düsseldorf Exhibition Center, DTFood and Quibla Food Control.
Leading representatives of the branch in Europe will be among the referees and speakers. Famous institutions and certifiers like Khaled Hanafy (IIS Frankfurt), Adel Elrezgui (Islamic Center Munih), Talat Kamran (Institution for integration an interreligious dialogue in Mannheim), Ali Jafar Saad (Al Hadi Mosque in Kiel) or Dr. Djavad Mohagheghi (Islamic Center Hamburg) are on the referee and guest list.
Having won DITIB – represented by the research institute for religion and society (FOREGE) in Cologne – for the discussion and clarification of the religious aspects concerning halal food, is a particular achievement for the organizers. 

The conference will be spilt into five working groups and will be completed with the signing of the declaration of intent. With this declaration the experts involved will make a commitment to come together regularly until 2015 to find a solution for the discussed questions. The aim is to create a unifom certification process and standard for the European Food Branch. A base for discussion is the Quibla Food Standard, which is most comprehensive and Europe-wide accepted standard. At the development of a uniform certification standard, the halal experts are supported by the German and European politics as well as by international colleagues. These will gradually be integrated in the discussion process.

Further information about the conference is available at www.dtfood.org.

Ad Bal Freelance journalist
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