Hatchery fined for contaminating water supply

01-12-2006 | | |

A poultry hatchery in Lebanon County in the US has been fined by the state Department of Environmental Protection has for contaminating water at an adjacent property.

The hatchery has been ordered to submit plans for providing a potable water supply to the neighbouring truck dealership that was affected by illegal industrial waste discharges.
PA Natural Chicks was also fined $10,000 for the water-quality violations, according to the Department of Environmental Protection. The money from the fine was passed to the Clean Water Fund, which finances water-quality improvements throughout the state.
The waste contaminated the groundwater at the South Lebanon Township truck dealership, Bobby Gerhart’s Truck World, including a well used for drinking water, with coliform and E. coli bacteria.
DEP has determined that the waste was leaking from an above-ground storage tank.