HatchTech enters South Korea with Cherry Bro

07-12-2010 | | |
HatchTech enters South Korea with Cherry Bro

Cherry Bro, one of the largest poultry producers in South Korea and HatchTech have successfully finalised negotiations for construction of a large-scale hatchery project.

With 36 large MicroClimer Setters and 21 MicroClimer Hatchers, Cherry Bro will be able to process more than 1,6 million eggs per week in a state-of-the-art modern new hatchery.

In May of this year, the staff members of Cherry Bro visited Europe to review the available incubation technologies and automation systems. Convinced of the important relation between the performance of the hatchery equipment and the final chick quality, Cherry Bro has chosen for the laminar airflow technology of HatchTech.

After installation of the project, the hatchery staff will attend the special HatchTech start-up training. In this training, step by step instructions are given, starting with setting eggs and proceeding to pulling chicks and chick take off are provided in order to reach optimal daily performance in hatchability and chick quality.

”It is a beautiful start for HatchTech in this country, and it will certainly be a good reference for many other parties. Besides the healthy attention for our hatchery equipment we notice a increasing interest in our new HatchBrood Systems as well”, according to Carel Neervoort, HatchTech’s Sales Director for Asia. HatchBrood is designed to the optimal environment for all chicks during the first days of life (the brooding period). Many producers in Asia have shown serious interest in this technology. “This shows also that we are gradually expanding successfully in this part of the world,” according to Neervoort.

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