HatchTech innovations presented at EuroTier

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HatchTech innovations presented at EuroTier

HatchTech Incubation Technology will be present at Eurotier 2008, held 11-14 November in Hannover, Germany, to present and demonstrate their latest innovations.

HatchTech has now developed two innovations. The first one is the HatchTech CyClean, for clean air in and around the hatchery. The second one is a new tool for humidifying in a hatchery: the HatchTech U-Vaporator.


The HatchTech CyClean is developed to capture the fluff from the air that leaves the hatcher, thereby preventing (cross) contamination in and around the hatchery. With the fluff rooms (plenums) that are used today, up to 50% of the fluff is still escaping into the environment. According to the company, the HatchTech CyClean catches 95% of the fluff in the air. The unique design of the HatchTech CyClean makes fluff rooms redundant, resulting in approx. 20% space reduction in the hatcher rooms.


The Hatchtech U-Vaporator is developed for humidifying in a hatchery, producing extremely small particles of water: 30-40 times smaller than a traditional spray humidifier. Together with the laminar airflow inside the machines, the HatchTech U-Vaporator generates a very uniform humidification. Optimal and uniform chick quality is ensured.

HatchTech will be showing these latest innovations at Eurotier at booth no. 11-E40.

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