HatchTech & Wageningen define optimal incubation

17-03-2009 | | |

In 2008, the R&D Department of HatchTech Incubation Technology and the Adaptation Physiology Group of Wageningen University started cooperation to define the optimal incubation conditions for the yield breed embryos of today.

In this cooperation, they combine fundamental knowledge, research experience and information from the field, with the aim of investigating not only the optimal incubation conditions for the embryo, but also the impact of the incubation conditions on the field performance of the chick.

For that purpose HatchTech installed two new incubators in the Indirect Calorimetry Laboratory at the research facilities of the Department of Animal Science of Wageningen University. These incubators accurately measure the oxygen consumption and carbon dioxide production of the developing embryos and hatching chicks. These machines are operational now and the research is running.

The new facilities and the research cooperation of HatchTech Incubation Technology and Wageningen University will increase the knowledge about the requirements of the embryo during storage and incubation. The knowledge gained in this collaboration will be for the benefit of both partners in this project.

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Natalie Berkhout Freelance journalist