Hendrix Genetics expand layer distribution in the US

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Hendrix Genetics expand layer distribution in the US
Hendrix Genetics expand layer distribution in the US

Hendrix Genetics has officially opened a new $18.5m hatchery in Nebraska, creating 45 jobs, as it aims to expand its share of the market.

The new layer hatchery has a capacity to produce 24m female chicks per year.

8 contract growers in Grand Island

Key contract growers located near the new hatchery will rear and house the birds during production. The company is already working with 8 contract growers in the Grand Island area who have invested in new barns with a capacity of 40,000 birds per barn.

The Grand Island contract growers will complete the new “national production hub” for Hendrix Genetics in the US, enabling the firm to meet another 10% of the total US layer market needs.

Breeding for the egg producing sector of today & tomorrow

Ron Joerissen, Hendrix Genetics production director layers, said: “The new hatchery signifies a major step in supplying the US layer market with top quality laying hens. We are dedicated to breed for the egg producing industry of today and tomorrow.”

Nebraska’s Governor Pete Ricketts described the plant as a great example of “value-added agriculture.”

“It is not only a $20m investment here that will create between 40 to 50 jobs but it is going to allow area farmers to put up these barns for the eggs that will supply this hatchery and a diversified revenue stream for those farmers who are participating,” he said.

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