HKScan and Coop Sverige sign five-year agreement

09-10-2014 | | |
HKScan and Coop Sverige sign five-year agreement
HKScan and Coop Sverige sign five-year agreement

Nordic meat giant, HKScan Sweden AB, has signed a five-year framework agreement for ongoing cooperation with Coop Sverige AB who operates 700 retail stores in Sweden and has over 21% of the Swedish grocery retail sector.

The new five-year agreement is an upgrade of an existing contract between HKScan and Coop. The joint target is to develop the meat category further. The cooperation principally covers prepackaged fresh meat.

The deal will strengthen HKScan’s foothold on the Swedish market and ensure Coop a good availability of Swedish meat raw material. As a retailer Coop has a strong track record in sustainability, to which HKScan can contribute with its’ high product quality and sustainable way of working. The Group upholds a strong commitment to animal welfare, traceability of meat raw material and responsible production methods.

“Consumers today appreciate a demonstrable commitment to sustainable production. We can work together with Coop to respond to these growing expectations and together advance high standards of quality and ethical collaboration,” says Göran Holm, EVP, Consumer Business, HKScan Scandinavia.

Over the past two years, HKScan has made an intensified effort to streamline its operational structure, improve its efficiency and boost productivity along the entire meat value chain. The long-term agreement is welcome news for all players in the value chain. “It will ensure that meat produced in Sweden maintains its established footing on the Swedish retail market. This will in turn support Swedish animal producers, bringing job security and stability to the Swedish meat industry,” adds Holm.