HSUS files complaint against egg producer

22-06-2010 | | |

The Humane Society of the US has filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission to stop a Jackson County egg producer from making what it claims are misleading statements about conditions at its farms.

HSUS lodged the complaint against Cortland-based Rose Acre Farms, contending it falsely claims it provides a “humane and friendly” environment for hens.

Rose Acre’s K.Y. Hendrix said he’s not seen the complaint but denied the allegations and said the family-owned company follows and exceeds industry guidelines for animal welfare. “They’re claiming we falsely advertise on our website, but it boils down to this — we take care of our animals and our animals are performing to standards,” Hendrix said. “If we weren’t taking care of our chickens, our chickens wouldn’t be taking care of us.”

HSUS says an investigation at the company’s 3 Iowa farms showed hens trapped in wires of cages; hens unable to reach food or water; hens with broken bones; and dead hens in cages with live hens, reports state.

“It’s like anything else,” Hendrix said. “You have a certain amount of mortality. We meet the standards that the breeder people are after. It’s very minimal. As far as taking care of animals, it’s why we go through third-party audits,” he added.

Hendrix said the complaint is among the latest assaults of the Humane Society of America on animal agriculture. “They want to eliminate you from eating meat and eggs,” he said. “That’s what they’re after. How are we going to feed the world if they stop people from eating meat and eggs? If we go back to 1940s-style production, we won’t have enough land to feed the world. You don’t go backward.”

Source: TribTown