Huge logistical BroMaxx operation for Russia

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Huge logistical BroMaxx operation for Russia

Logistical manager of BroMaxx operations, Jan Barten, has sent a truck to deliver good to Russia for the completion of the 54th BroMaxx house – BroMaxx is Jansen Poultry Equipments’ broiler cage system.

With this revolutionary system it is possible to have up to 3x the number of birds compared to a floor system, says Jansen. The main purpose is to let broilers grow to the maximum, but in a healthy way. The present square metres are used to the fullest extent.

Approx 7.5 mln broiler places are equipped with BroMaxx in 2008. Altogether Jan Barten loaded 216 containers and 435 truckloads with almost 0% shipping defaults. An enormous success of accuracy from Jan and his team, says the company.

Beginning 2009 the BroMaxx department of Jansen Poultry Equipment is moving to an entirely new logistics facility, showing the trust that Jansen Poultry Equipment has in the worldwide supply of broiler cage systems.

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