Hungary: Herbro triples capacity with hatchery expansion

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Hungary: Herbro triples capacity with hatchery expansion
Hungary: Herbro triples capacity with hatchery expansion

Herbro, part of the Hercsihús integration in Hungary, is to more than triple its annual production of day old chicks as part of its expansion plans.

The hatchery modernisation and extension programme which will use SmartPro™ single stage incubation technologies from Pas Reform, also includes hatchery automation for candling and transfer, chick counting and boxing, full HVAC (climate control) with energy-saving heat recovery system and washing machines and will bring total production to more than 34 miliion day old chicks each year.

The Company, founded in 2008 to ensure the continuous production of quality day-old-chicks for Hercsihús’ integrated operations, is expanding capacity from 11 million. day old chicks each year, in response to an expanding share of the domestic market and new opportunities for growth.

Based close to Hercsihús headquarters in Hernád, the new Herbro hatchery is an investment for the combined integration, which currently processes 14 million chickens annually through a network of owned- and contracted farms throughout Hungary. Sister-company Bro-Ker-Bét’s yearly production is 18 million Ross, Cobb and Sasso breed hatching eggs, with parent stock farms located close to the hatchery, near Újhartyán. Associated production in collaboration with a German company brings annual production up to more than 20 million broilers a year, with additional hatchery operations.

Pál Kiszel, owner of Herbro and his son Gábor Kiszel, production director, say the decision to work with Pas Reform was made after extensive  work to identify a suitable hatchery supplier. “Against the backdrop of increasing demand – and with our current incubation equipment requiring more and more servicing – we felt it was a logical and timely investment to refurnish the hatchery and introduce an increased level of automation.

“Our research into the available options concluded that Pas Reform is the most modern, most reliable hatchery equipment supplier in the world – and with the advanced information, data gathering and management capabilities of SmartPro, the best partner for us, as we prepare for the future development of our business.”

The Herbro expansion project is due for completion by the end of the year.