Hungary hosting Aviagen’s successful Central European seminar

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Hungary hosting Aviagen’s successful Central European seminar

Aviagen Kft, Aviagen’s Hungarian business unit, recently held their 5th seminar for Central European (CE) Parent Stock customers. Attended by over 220 guests from 17 countries, the successful three-day event consisted of a mixture of regional country updates, practical management advice and topical presentations.

Country reviews of the CE region, including Hungary, Serbia & Bosnia, Romania, Czech & Slovakia, Bulgaria and Slovenia & Croatia, given by Aviagen’s local representatives, highlighted the continued increase in demand for Ross products in the region.

Barrie Fleming, Regional Consultant Veterinarian, updated the audience on future developments in use of antibiotics and probiotics. Nutritionist Leonardo Linares’ presentation was well-received by the audience as it covered the topical subject of ‘High Feed Costs: Alternatives’. Leonardo evaluated possible ways to decrease costs by using alternative raw materials to combat the challenging rise in feed costs.
Santiago Avendano, Director of Global Genetics, gave an insight into the breeding programme for the next five years, focusing on selection strategies for future success. Timea Torma, QA Manager, illustrated practical tools to maximise hatchability and chick quality, which included a lot of advice available in Aviagen’s series of “How To documents”.
The Seminar also featured the presentation of the Regional Ross PS flock awards, adressing performance and chick output. The award for best overall performance went to Martin Hrvatin from Jata Emona, Slovenia, who achieved an outstanding result of 146 chicks to 60 weeks.
The audience at this year’s CE Seminar for the first time included customers from Georgia, Uzbekistan and Azerbaijan.
Neil Clark, Area Technical Manager, summarised the seminar:” Bringing so many customers together provides a unique atmosphere for sharing experience and advice.  The Seminar was a great platform to exchange information and work together for the future growth of the brand.  I am delighted with the results our customers are achieving and would like to thank them for their commitment and dedication to the continued success of Ross in the region.”
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