Hybrid Turkeys finalises Ag Forte grandparent deal

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Hybrid Turkeys finalises Ag Forte grandparent deal
Hybrid Turkeys finalises Ag Forte grandparent deal

Hybrid Turkeys USA and Willmar Poultry Company, trading as Ag Forte, have finalised agreements announced last year for Hybrid to take ownership and responsibility of Ag Forte’s USA Grandparent operations, effective 30th January, 2015.

Additionally, Ag Forte will produce commercial eggs and poults under contract to Hybrid. Hybrid will have direct responsibility for sales of commercial eggs and poults in the USA and abroad.

“I am thrilled that we have finalized this agreement with Ag Forte, and look forward to a supportive relationship going forward. I am confident that these agreements will better serve our customers in the USA. Hybrid now offers a complete genetic package for the turkey industry from Parent Stock to Commercial poults and eggs,” said Dave Libertini, managing director.

Hybrid to assume full responsiblity for poult sales

Over the next 12 months Hybrid will assume full responsibility for the sales of all Hybrid commercial poults produced under contract by Ag Forte. This will allow Hybrid as a primary breeder to focus even more on the needs of the customers in the USA, while Ag Forte focuses on producing top quality poults.

Peter Gruhl, Hybrid director of customer service, has been appointed to lead the commercial activities of Hybrid in the United States and will lead the relationship with AgForte as a supplier to Hybrid. To support the success of this new arrangement, a joint quality committee has been formed between Hybrid and Ag Forte. The purpose of the committee is to work with customers with quality concerns and to establish performance improvement plans to address them. Hybrid’s representatives on this committee are Gruhl and Dr Helen Wojcinski, director, science and sustainability.

Strategic locations for Grandparent activities

Hybrid will also purchase the Moundridge, Kansas Grandparent production farms from AgForte and will lease the Neosho, Missouri Hatchery for the near term. Hybrid now has three strategic locations for its Grandparent activities; USA, Canada and France. Frank Henderson has been appointed to lead the USA operations team for Hybrid.

Scott Rowland, director of operations, noted, “With secure production bases in Canada and in France, the USA is a logical next step for us. The farms are a solid addition to our asset base and there is a great team in place to deliver excellent results from these facilities.”