Hysolv launches products to combat poultry pests

12-04-2013 | | |
Hysolv launches products to combat poultry pests
Hysolv launches products to combat poultry pests

Hysolv UK has brought together a new range of three products to treat and prevent serious pests and diseases within the poultry industry.

DEFRA and BEIC’s Lion Code-approved layer-house disinfectant, Interkokask, is joined by two further products CBM8 MV and Interkokask Concentrate. CBM8 MV is a long-acting insecticide with efficacy against red mite beetles and flies in the layer house, while Interkokask Concentrate controls coccidial oocysts.

All three products are manufactured by Interhygiene, a German company specialising in disinfectants and pesticides.

Interkokask concentrate is targeted at the broiler industry as it is highly effective against coccidial oocysts.  Tests carried out under the German Veterinary Association’s guidelines by an independent laboratory showed that a 4% solution stopped all coccidial oocysts releasing spores after 1 hour and killed all oocysts 3 hours after application.  This is seen as particularly important where birds are vaccinated against coccidia as it prevents field strains of coccidia competing with vaccine strains. It has also been approved by DEFRA and passed EU test against bacteria, viruses and fungi.

Both disinfectants kill worms and their eggs.