Identifying egg production definitions

29-06-2010 | | |
Identifying egg production definitions

The Australian Egg Corporation (AECL) is looking to robust science, consumer expectations and commercial reality to identify definitions and minimum standards for all egg production systems.

AECL have considered 10 known national and international standards of free-range egg farming, conducted extensive, independent and robust consumer research into understanding and expectations of consumers, consulted rigorous and repeatable scientific research on hen husbandry and engaged in extensive industry consultation to ensure that these minimum standards are rigorous and practical.

At this stage there has been no commitment to any changes. AECL have been running workshops in every state for all egg farmers to provide comment on possible definitions and minimum standards for all forms of egg production.

Australian egg farmers have been heavily criticised for the lack of universally recognized definitions for all methods of egg production. AECL is attempting to give consumers a “line in the sand” that acts as a minimum benchmark that egg farmers must meet in commercial production. That said, this would be a minimum standard, with egg farmers
wishing to farm above this benchmark having a valuable opportunity to market their product as superior to the minimum standard.

AECL look forward to finalizing the workshops and receiving the feedback from egg farmers so that the expectations of consumers, science and commercial reality can interact with recognized universal standards to continue providing a safe, nutritious and natural food source to Australian families.

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