IFE study: Eggs today healthier and safer

20-07-2012 | | |
IFE study: Eggs today healthier and safer

The UK’s Institute of Food Research have released a study that concludes that eggs today are healthier, safer and more nutritious than they were 30 years ago. The reason? Better feed.

Institute of Food Research scientists believe eggs are healthier now because the new feed also helps the hens to absorb more vitamin D and other nutrients.

Since the 1980s, hens have been fed a mixture of wheat, corn, vegetable oil and high-protein formulated feed, rather than meat and bone-meal. A study funded by the UK Department of Health found that the average mid-sized egg now has nearly 25% less saturated fat – which is linked to heart disease – than one sold in the 1980s.

Better technology also means scientists can now analyse the nutritional content of eggs
more accurately.

Not only are eggs found to be lower in fat, cholesterol and calories, but they also contain more vitamin D than before, nearly twice the amount that was noted in the 1980s.

The study also found now the eggs contain 177 micrograms of cholesterol, which clogs arteries, just over 10% less than the 202 micrograms previously recorded. They have fewer calories than experts originally thought, too – there are 66 in a medium egg, not 78.

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