Import ban causes skyrocketing UAE poultry prices

06-04-2007 | | |
Import ban causes skyrocketing UAE poultry prices

The ban on all live poultry in UAE shops has forced retailers to import poultry, increasing the price of chicken to that of mutton. The price of other poultry products such as eggs will also see a rise.

The Ministry of Environment and Water had recently ordered the closure of all live poultry shops across the country as a precautionary measure against the Avian influenza, that has already hit Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.
Inspectors have been asked to keep a strict vigil so that no birds or poultry enter the UAE.
Meanwhile, the Arab Poultry Breeding and Production Company, Farooj Al Wadi has announced its intent to hike prices by 10 to 15% as a result of rise in costs of fodder and medicines. Corn prices increased by 75% in 2007, in addition to the rise in soybean  prices which increased by 45%.

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