Improving mycoplasmosis control using PCR technology

09-07-2002 | | |

Mycoplasmosis, caused by Mycoplasma gallisepticum (MG), M. synoviae (MS), M. meleagridis (MM) and M. iowae (MI), is a wide spread disease affecting poultry production all over the world. International poultry breeding companies are making a great effort to eradicate mycoplasma from their primary breeding stocks. Nevertheless, the control of mycoplasmosis in parent breeders and poultry production flocks still remains a problem in some countries.

This article can also be found at World Poultry Volume 18 number 7. To view the article online simply click on the link below.

Keywords: health, poultry disease, mycoplasma, gallisepticum, synoviae, meliagridis, iowae, parent breeders