IMV holds first seminar on poultry reproduction

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Reproduction biotechnology company, IMV technologies organised its first seminar on poultry reproduction in its new headquarters in l’Aigle,France, on the 18th and 19th of April.

A total of 87 people registered for the event. The vast majority of the French professionals and specialists involved in Poultry reproduction and Artificial Insemination participated in addition to 20 attendees from different countries including Germany, India, Italy, Holland, Brazil, United Kingdom, Tunisia and Egypt.

The seminar was held with the partnership from several leading companies involved in the poultry industry (genetics, insemination or sexing service providers, nutrients, etc).

The event started Wednesday by a visit of the IMV manufacturing facility, followed by a presentation of IMV’s vision for animal reproduction with a particular focus on poultry breeding.

Thursday was dedicated to the actual scientific and technical meetings during which current and future challenges facing the AI industry were addressed and how new technologies could play a critical role in helping overcome them.

Presentations from Dr JP Brillard, Dr C Soyer and Dr Cariou covered the fundamentals of turkey and duck reproduction/AI as well as the importance of good management practices to maximise performance. Dr Briere and Dr Noirault discussed best practices, animal welfare, human work condition improvement and male management to maximise semen production.

Last but not least the presentations from Guy Delhomme and Kees Zuidberg gave the audience a peek at what lays ahead for us in poultry semen analysis and cryopreservation.

Source: IMV Technologies

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