Indian chick rearing scheme proving difficult

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A scheme by the Kerala State Poultry Development Corporation (KEPCO) to promote chick rearing in the Indian state, has run into difficulties.

The sudden death of 27 chicks distributed under the scheme at Muttada and two other neighbouring wards has displeased the beneficiaries who are now demanding their money back from the corporation.

The project titled Nagarapriya aimed at giving five chicks and a hen coop to about 2,700 beneficiaries from different city wards. The corporation formed ward committees and finalized the list of beneficiaries.

So far KEPCO had distributed only 500 chicks in three wards. “When we contacted the KEPCO officials, they said that there was some delay in procuring the cages. The corporation is not answerable for the death of chicks. Now the people are demanding compensation and since this is a project directly undertaken by the government, the corporation cannot refund the money,” said development standing committee chairperson Shajida Nazar.

The cages for the project will have a nipple-drinker, feeder, egg-tray and manure tray. Around 5 kilos of poultry feed and medicine worth Rs 20 for the hens will be given. Each beneficiary has to pay an amount of Rs 550 to join the project.

The project evoked tremendous response among the people and the low-supply is also worrying the corporation. “We have been told that there is some shortage of chicks which is delaying the supply. Also the fact that the supplied chicks are not healthy adds to the woes,” said a corporation official.

Source: The Times of India

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