Indian River Sri Lanka seminar sets new records

04-06-2012 | | |

A record-breaking 100 plus customers recently attended a 2-day seminar organised by long-standing Sri Lankan Indian River (IR) distributor, Ceylon Grain Elevator (CGE). The first day concentrated on PS management, whereas the second day focused on broilers.

During the PS session, IR Technical Service Managers Rod Konrad, and Esmi San Pedro covered topics ranging from ‘interaction between males and females’ over ‘feeding the modern breeder’ to ‘optimising breeder productivity’. 

Aviagen specialists also were in attendance with Guo Jun, Hatchery Specialist, advising on’ good hatchery management practices to attain optimum productivity’ and Rafael Monleon, Veterinarian, sharing information on maintaining a high health status, which is the key to success for a poultry business. 

The team also gave presentations during the course of the broiler day, with Rod Konrad highlighting ‘good practises in broiler management to optimise productivity’, Esmi San Pedro talking about ‘key environmental factors to enhance broiler performance in climate-controlled houses’ and Rafael Monleon providing a disease update, reinforcing the need for excellent biosecurity to prevent disease.

IR Commercial Manager Tore Mercan spoke at both of the sessions, giving updates on Aviagen’s global activities and discussing global trends in poultry production.