Indian River teach poultry best practice in the Philippines

28-03-2011 | | |

Aviagen’s Indian River (IR) Team recently organised their first ever road shows in the Philippines with their customer Bounty Fresh Foods.

Three seminars were held over the course of a week: The first took place in the country’s easternmost island of Mindanao and was followed by two events in Manila. Over 200 delegates, a mixture of Bounty employees, contract farmers and customers, attended the road shows which focused on best practice to ensure customers achieve best-possible performance from their Indian River birds.

Presentations by IR team members and Aviagen specialists responsible for supporting customers in Asia and Oceania, included an introduction to Indian River, highlighting the recent growth of the brand in the region and the excellent product performance results achieved, as well as an update on Aviagen’s product development and advice on optimum hatchery management. Topics such as ‘the importance of chick start’, breeder management and ‘the importance of getting the right nutrition’ gave delegates many useful take-home points and practical management tips.

Fred Kao, Business Manager for IR, commented: “We are delighted to have a partnership with such a leading company as Bounty. The road show was a great forum for us to meet many of the Bounty employees and customers and exchange knowledge and experiences with each other.  We look forward to Bounty being an important part of the Indian River family for many years to come.”

Source: Aviagen