India’s Skylark group chooses Fancom

22-07-2009 | | |

Skylark poultry integration in North India has chosen Fancom’s MTT ventilation system for its new grand parent poultry facility.

The system will be installed in the first house for 11,000 birds, of the in total 6 houses, spread over 2 locations. These birds will produce offspring totalling 1,320,000,000 broilers.

The modern house has been built in the region of Haryana, close to the Chinese-Nepalese border – a region characterised by extremely high outside temperatures. For this reason an entirely closed house has been built with brick side walls and full insulation.

This is a unique concept in India according to Jagbir S. Dhull, Skylark’s MD. Skylark places very high demands on the quality and health of the animals it supplies to the production companies, it says, and has chosen the MTT ventilation system with air inlets and controllable fans for minimum ventilation and tunnel inlets with cool pads and tunnel fans in the end gable for maximum ventilation.

This controlled method of ventilation creates a uniform climate and identical growth conditions for all the birds in the house, irrespective of the extreme climatic conditions found in India. The result is stable growth, healthier animals and improved feed conversion.

Natalie Berkhout Freelance journalist