Indonesia allows MBM imported from the US

01-08-2012 | | |
Indonesia allows MBM imported from the US

Indonesia has overturned a ban of meat bone meal (MBM) from the United States for animal feed, the country’s Ministry of Agriculture has announced.

Earlier, a policy of termination of the import of MBM from the US was issued by Indonesia’s ministry of agriculture because of the discovery of mad cow disease on 24 April 2012 in California.

The general director of animal husbandry and health, Syukur Iwantoro, said recently in Jakarta, “Since 5 July 2012, imports of MBM can be performed. But MBM, for animal feed, which may be imported are derived from cattle farms that are integrated with an abattoir. If not integrated, the farm must obtain permission from the government of Indonesia. In addition, MBM must come from cattle aged less than 30 months.”

 “We had delivered this information to the businessmen and the government of the US,” Iwantoro added.