Indonesia: Nampa urges allowance of MDM imports

14-12-2011 | | |

The National Meat Processor Association Indonesia (Nampa) has urged the government to open the tap imports of mechanically deboned meat (MDM), paste-like meat product produced by forcing chicken under high pressure.

Nampa claims that the local supply of MDM can’t meet the needs of its members that reach 280 tonnes per month.

The MDM import demand is becoming a problem because Nampa has agreed that their needs will be supplied by the consortium of MDM suppliers which is facilitated by Indonesian Association of Poultry Slaughter House (Arphuin). Arphuin is able to supply about 260 tonnes of MDM and the remainder, about 20 tonnes, will be met by poultry slaughter houses outside Arphuin.

Executive director of Nampa, Haniwar Syarif said that the consortium couldn’t meet the needs of Nampa. “They are just able to supply about 90 tonnes per month,” he said. The problem however is not on the supply, it was rumoured that Nampa wants the tap import of MDM opened because the price of imported MDM is cheaper. Not only that, imported MDM from Europe, Australia and Brazil have a better quality.

Against the import demand, the stakeholders of poultry production want the import demand rejected. According to them, the halal status of imported MDM is questionable and prone to carrying illegal chicken leg quarter (CLQ).

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